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Diplo Is The King Of Collabs: New Track “27 Club”

If you heard this song, you would never guess the man behind the magic is Diplo. The Major Lazer front man has teamed up with rising artist Ivy Levan to create a killer track that’s totally different than our typical Diplo.

Their new track “27 Club,” consists of an old school dance vibe, complemented by the soulful vocals of Ivy Levan. This catchy track will be one you can’t help turn the volume up for. It’s safe to say this new single is begging for other artists to remix it as well.

“27 Club” ft. Diplo by Ivy Levan.

“27 Club” is a single off Levan’s highly anticipated album “No Good” which is scheduled to release on August 7.

Diplo has been blazing through artists from all over the music spectrum dropping collabs like no tomorrow. He’s found great success dipping his toes into other genres with Ivy Levan, Justin Bieber and Madonna. Who’s next?


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