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Tomorrowland’s New Theme is Going To Be Magical

Tomorrowland shared this video of their new 2015 theme called “Melodia“, leaving attendees as eager and curious as the children in the trailer. The clip features three children riding their bikes through the forest when they come upon a mysterious abandoned house. They keenly explore the house and find a music box that takes them to the mystical land of Melodia. This takes Narnia to a whole other level, and I know if i were to be magically transported somewhere it would definitely be Melodia. Although no pictures or in depth details about this magic kingdom itself are shared, this video is enough to completely intrigue the viewer.

Tommorowland 2015 | Introduction ‘Melodia’ Chapter 1 Belgium

This otherworldly and imagination driven event has spent over a decade delivering the most awe-inspiring festival experience on the planet. This year the National Orchestra will be playing on the Opera stage Sunday evening, where they will perform the “Symphony of Unity.” I am all about the feeling of unity that music events create, and I can’t even imagine the aura at Tomorrowland. People of tomorrow, get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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