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There’s A Reason Seven Lions’ Jeff Montalvo Looks Like Jesus

Jeff Montalvo, also known as Seven Lions, takes the electronic dance world hostage with his hybridized sound that blends dubstep and trance music together perfectly. Whether a song is elegant or pulverizing, it is distinctly his own every time. The venomous young producer has been rampantly busting out breathtaking, vocal-infused dubstep cuts that continue to defy the laws of gravity, and is a monster when it comes to carefully designing gargantuan synth lines and magical deep melodies. Jeff is a man of few words, but he lets his music do the talking through his three unique EP’s that each have their own sound and story, and have been charted on Beatport. While his remix to Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go” put him on the map, it seems that everything Seven Lions has touched since then is transformed into a work of ethereal beauty.

In 2012, the ‘Polarize EP‘ was released being one of the most promising of the year in the EDM world, and gaining lots praise for its melding of main room feel with a very sensitive touch. The EP opens up with the mind-warping track “Below Us”, and this bass-blasting cut combines beautiful vocals of Shaz Sparks and ominous drum work in just the right way. The next track titled “Tyven” begins with a lengthy intro that builds up anticipation, but is worth waiting through for the drop of steady whompin bass, and sounds that I like to call the “electric raptor” that will captivate your consciousness. Wrapping up the EP is the deep and pulsating track, “Isis”, that puts out a vibrant Middle Eastern feel giving off great energy with relentless synth work.

I had the life changing opportunity to see Seven Lions perform live at last years Decadence on New Years Eve, and its safe to say it was the best new years experience I’v ever had. At the time I was still being introduced to electronic dance music and it was one of my first shows, but Seven Lions was one of the few artists that I did know and had grown to love. I will never forget the moment when he played Strangers, and I found myself in tears blinded by the lights and confetti. Simply put, Seven Lions has mastered the combination of dirty and beautiful dubstep for the soul.

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