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Major Lazer Has Lot’s in Store With a New Album & A Collab With The Weeknd

Diplo and the Major Lazer gang have just revealed an update on some exciting news about their upcoming album ‘Music Is The Weapon’, one of them being a collaborative track with none other than The Weeknd.

Speaking to AMP Radio, Diplo spoke about their fourth album ‘Music is the Weapon’, and their intention to put out another LP by the end of summer next year. “We’ve got a little more gas in Major Lazer, we’ve got another single coming out. We’re reissuing that album, so there’s five new tracks,” he said. “Then we have a new album we’re going to put out next year around August or September and a single around Coachella with The Weeknd, so that’s going to be dope.”

Fans of the dancehall trio can also expect five new tracks to the already stacked third studio album, ‘Peace Is The Mission’, and we can only imagine the kind of featured artists that Diplo has kept under wraps. Having recently delivered their latest single with Ellie Goulding, “Powerful,” Diplo, and Walshy Fire are well on the right track for next year’s album, Music Is The Weapon.

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