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Kaskade Will Headline His Biggest Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center

What an eventful few days for Kaskade and his fans. Kaskade dropped life-sized cardboard cut outs of himself in multiple spots in downtown L.A. The first fans to find his 2D clones and tweet a selfie with them were promised tickets to an upcoming L.A. show.

The scavenger hunt launched by surprise via Twitter on Feb. 21. It didn’t take long for the five Kaskade clones to be claimed. The cutouts were scattered around at different nightlife venues like the Palladium, Shrine, and Sound.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.19.32 PM

Kaskade performed at Air N Style that night and absolutely killed it. As if all this action in one day didn’t make Kaskaders already die and go to heaven, our beloved DJ surprised us once again.

Not even a day passed when the dreamy DJ announced what would be his biggest accomplishment yet: a solo show at the Los Angeles Convention Center twice as big as any show he’s played before. Scheduled for May 7, this will be the first electronic event to grace the Convention Center. What other way to baptize it than with Kaskade, the king of EDM, performing his most iconic show yet?

He’s been taunting us with hints about an unexplained mystery event to happen this summer in L.A., and the anticipating had kaskaders begging for the details. No one knew what was about to happen after these ambiguous tweets…

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.19.50 PM

Insomniac and Exchange LA teamed up with Kaskade to guarantee this show to be a success. This isn’t just an L.A. show… this is a show worth taking off of work and hopping on a plane for. This is a staple in EDM history that you’ll want to experience for yourself.

Pre-sale tickets are available Feb. 24 at 10a.m. at

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