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5 Songs You Need On Your Invasion Playlist

#TheLightsReturn this weekend! Are you ready? Don’t worry, you’ve still got a few days to prepare and another bangin’ playlist to hold you over.

We’re bringing you talent to three stages this year: The Mothership Stage, The Invasion Stage, and The Colony (Silent Disco). This week’s playlist features some of the songs you’re sure to hear at the Invasion Stage this time around. Let’s just say, they’re out of this world.

1. Echo – Cut Snake

I’m pretty unfamiliar with Cut Snake, but after hearing this track, I was absolutely hooked. It’s smooth and the lyrics flow in an almost trance like manner. Vibes. So many good vibes. I’m really looking forward to what else these Australian guys have in store for us this Sunday.

Connect with Cut Snake: Soundcloud | Facebook | TwitterWebsite


2. My Head Is A Jungle (MK Remix) – Wankelmut & Emma Louise

Here’s a little taste of what MK, aka Marc Kichen, is capable of. The original is awesome, but MK takes it to the next level by enhancing the groove factor. The combination of Emma Louise’s Lyrics and the repetitive drum beats somehow take you outside of you, which is usually the best kind of music.

Connect with MK: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


3. Promiscuous (Dr. Fresch Remix) – Nelly Furtado x Timbaland

Alright, had to throw this Dr. Fresch remix of “Promiscuous” on here. When a DJ remixes “Promiscuous,” you know it’s about to get interesting. This track definitely gives listeners a feel for who Dr. Fresch is. He’s, well, pretty fresh. If you want the bass, Dr. Fresch will bring you that and more.

Connect with Dr. Fresch: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


4. Do You? – Troyboi

“Do You” is definitely unique, and features bass-driven drops combined with a worldly Spanish style guitar. It’s almost surprising how these two almost opposite element of music work so well together. This track is truly an unexpected work of art.

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5. Teach Me – Bakermat

Bakermat, a Melodic house producer from Amsterdam, knows how to piece together elements of music that are quite artistic and incredibly beautiful. His song Teach Me, like many of his other songs, incorporates jazz and soul.

Connect With Bakermat: Facebook | Beatport | Twitter | Soundcloud

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