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The Kid’s 3 Reasons You Should Keep Up On The Corporate Music Industry News

So in the last two weeks or so I’ve been writing what seems to be an insane amount of recent news within the music industry and a lot of the corporate companies that hold all of the wonderful music we listen to. Spotify, Soundcloud, Facebook, Sony, and Apple music are all some of the names out there that are continually trying to advance their operations and company to make sharing and listening to music more beneficial for everyone! As I’ve been reading these articles I’ve started to understand how important and beneficial it is to know what current events are happening in our industry. So this week we will cover The Kid’s 3 Reasons you should keep up on the corporate industry news!

1. You Will Learn A Lot About Everything Music Related

Learning something new is one of the best reasons to keep up with current events going on within the music scene. There is so much news and so many events happening in the industry all the time to teach and inform you. Take advantage of that source of information. A personal favorite of mine is to know what all the record labels are doing! Big record labels usually put out one type of music, so being aware of that label and others will help you identify with your personal taste. I’m sure you will learn something new and interesting with every different label or story you read. And, best of all, you will be well informed about the musical world around you.

2. It’s A Good Conversation Starter

Hate awkward silences? Well, why don’t you bring up that interesting news story you read about a few days ago? It will strike up an interesting conversation, and your friends are sure to be impressed about your knowledge of current events. Maybe one of your DJ friends doesn’t know he can post his bootlegs and mash-ups on apple music! Or maybe you can show your friends how to share music easier and quicker with Facebook and Spotify’s partnership. Either way, changes like this in the industry are sure to get you and your friends all talking about something for a while!

3. It’s Eye Opening

Some people like to live in their own little bubble and worry about themselves. Keeping up with current events pops that bubble and opens up a whole new world. Not everything is as perfect as we think it is or what we think it is and hearing about the stories is such an eye opening experience. It really makes you appreciate all that you have, which is why it’s such a great reason to keep up with current events. One of my favorite articles that I always read regarding the music industry are the post-festival articles and videos. We get to see a little bit of what a certain festival was like, how the people in that part of the country differ from those out here in Arizona or wherever you are from. You ever wondered about EDC Brazil is like compared to EDC Vegas? Watch some videos and you may be able to see some differences between the two!

The world is a big place, but when you are up to date about what is going on within the industry, it can make the world seem like a smaller place. The news allows us to get a glimpse into the lives of people in different places and realize they are not so different from us. It is such a wonderful thing that we can be allowed updates by the minute of things happening across the globe.

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