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Make Your Mark: Owsla- The Mothership

This week’s Make Your Mark focuses in on Owsla Records, always bringing the baddest of sounds to the Electronic Dance Music scene.  Owsla refers to themselves as “The Mothership,” signing artists like Ghastly, Snails, Kill the Noise and AC Slater, plus many many others.

We are going to focus on two artists in particular on this label because of their new killer single releases! One song in particular makes you wanna say “Wat the Frick.” Sound familiar? It should because Getter is hitting Phoenix in October with his WAT THE FRICK tour! Getter recently released his new single. Can you guess the name?

This song is an absolutely a neck breaker. The beginning starts out as if you are in an old video game and then the build up to that incredible drop begins. Getter represents a newer genre in the EDM scene. Something that he likes to call “trench.” Getter says in an interview on that trench represents a heavier/underground dubstep. His newest release definitely represents Getter signature new sound. Don’t forget to see this Trench Lord in October.

Up next with the new hot releases, is someone that always manages to make EDM news. This guy has always been busting his a** and making the greatest of sounds. Skrillex released a new single with Rick Ross, “Purple Lamborghini.”

This single is beautifully constructed. Beginning the song with intense wind instruments, you would not believe that Skrillex would drop one of the dirtiest drops we’ve heard. Skrillex, as always, beautifully masters the balance of the vocals and musical composition.

Owsla two single releases are so hot they definitely needed some recognition for this week’s Make Your Mark. Can you disagree? Props to you Owsla. That’s impressive.

Connect with Owsla: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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