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Artist Spotlight: Bleep Bloop’s Place in the Outer Space of Bass

Tonight, Bleep Bloop hits the decks with Perkulat0r, Shlump, and Liquid Stranger. Bringing you some of the most exquisite noises in electronic music, his name derives from a genuine sound of what you may compare to dial up internet. As a matter of fact, there’s no way to put it into words other than bleep bloop.

Bleep Bloop is widely recognized because he has mastered such an authentic sound. His track ‘Slippin’ has secured attention through its low temp beat, robust sound, and edited vocals placed on top:

Bleep Bloop – Slippin

Using heaps of noises to reveal an intuitive relation to old school video games is what shaped the journey of Bleep Bloop. It differs from all of the other genres of electronic music on behalf of such a distinct sound. Landing a spot on the Shambhala, Electric Forest, and Dreamscape lineups this past year is just the beginning of what’s next to come for reverend outer space.


Other than touring the U.S. opening up for Liquid Stranger, Bleep Bloop has been popping up on lineups all across North America. Being placed on the most notorious festivals and still being grounded in the more underground events has demonstrated how many associations want his performance to be a part of their event.

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