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Dillon Francis Gets Ridiculous

There is no doubt that the electronic music scene has swept over the nation in the last few years. With this wave has come a rise in multimedia attention directed at the artists and event planners that have fueled this movement with their creations. One of the originators and masters of riding this wave is the notoriously hilarious Dillon Francis. First and foremost, Dillon has made major commercial deals with his music including a laughable ad for Taco Bell using hit track “Get Low”. After proving that he is also talented behind a camera with his endless stream of social media shenanigans and the release of a youtube mini-series called DJ World, Dillon has gained the attention of some major players in the television industry.

Ridiculousness (Season 8) | ‘IDGAFOS’ Official Sneak Peak ft. Dillon Francis (Episode 23) | MTV

Former pro-skateboarder and media mogul Rob Dyrdek has recently shown an interest in Dillon’s by booking him as the guest star on last week’s episode of Ridiculousness. The MTV hit show features viral video clips which are then commented on by celebrity guests. This is the perfect gig for our boy Dillon because if anyone could come up with a witty comment regarding a weird video, it would be him. The episode, as to be expected, was timeless. Dillon explains how he truly doesn’t gafos and the origin of his beloved motto. Every second of the show is a music see for Dillon Francis fan. However, if you were unfortunate enough to miss the episode, check out this short clip.

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