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Dirty Audio’s Newest & Filthiest Track – Gorilla Glue

Dirty Audio is a young, rising star in the electronic dance music scene. A Los Angeles native, Dirty Audio discovered EDM at the age of 12, and it was only a matter of time before it became his true passion. In 2011 he started producing music and then ever since then, his truly brilliant skill and mindset has lead him to be one of the fastest growing stars to this date all over the entire globe.

Combining elements from dubstep, electro, and trap, Dirty Audio is just about the dirtiest and bass-heavy DJ/Producer in the game right now. Everything during every single one of his songs has the whole building shaking if you have the subwoofers on. His show on September 30th is going to have everyone with their ears ringing for the next week after the show and to prep us even more for what he has for his show, he’s released a new track titled “Gorilla Glue.

Don’t forget to grab tickets to that show right here and additionally make sure you follow all social media accounts to stay up to date with any Dirty Audio news!

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