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Ghastly’s New Track “If Ur Listening” is WOW!

There is not a doubt in my mind that Ghastly is among the greatest talents Arizona has ever produced. His unique blend of house and bass music has launched him onto the EDM mainstage which has allowed him to work alongside other headlining artists like Jauz, Getter, and Brillz. Ghastly has had a busy summer playing at many major festivals including but not limited to HARD Summer, Shambhala, and Spring Awakening. From personal experience at Spring Awakening, Ghastly is a master at keeping the energy high by mixing up different styles of music in his sets. Sometimes he will bring it down deep just to make the mix into a distorted, screaming dubstep drop more climactic.

Ghastly’s multi-genre musical taste is perfectly captured in his new FREE track “If Ur Listening”. For starters, the vocals are sampled from the popular Jimmy Eat World rock song “Sweetness”. Ghastly only uses one line of the original track but executes the vocals perfectly. They sound grand as if they are proclaiming how important it is to listen to the upcoming madness. The drop comes and a unique set of noises ensues that can only be described as a tornado of razorblades swirling around your head but never touching you. Matched with heavy, crisp drums, the first drop is pure, neck-breaking dubstep. After another calm break full of the Jimmy Eat World vocals and the return of a familiar lead synth melody, the second drop arrives. Ghastly, again exercising his artist diversity, decides to double the time at this point. This causes the track to explode with energy as it moves from a headbanger to jump-like-crazy anthem.

If this is your first taste of Ghastly and you like the sauce, make sure to check out his artists pages below and don’t forget to catch him at this year’s first ever BOO! Festival on October 15th.

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