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Podcast Pulse: Nice Hair 026 ft. Vanic

With their sky-rocketing success, it was obvious that I would eventually select this dynamic duos podcast, Nice Hair,  for our weekly feature. In the past couple of years The Chainsmokers have risen to new heights releasing hit track after track, each one outdoing the others. In each of their New Hair podcasts you can find the same creativity and awesome sound you hear in all of their music, however episode 026, no surprise, takes it to a new level. For the first time ever Alex and Drew have brought on a guest to feature in Nice Hair and who did they chose, the talented DJ, Vanic. The combination of these 3 is just sickening.

Released 2 days ago, this eclectic episode begins with songs like the Jack U classic “Mind” giving you a taste of trap then further on gives you the perfect feel good music, essentially creating the perfect combo of some vibey beats and a little trap to keep your body moving. Anyone who has been to a Chainsmokers show or listened to a set knows that they like to hit you with some happy tunes and then cap it off with a filthy drop that leaves you begging for more, and well, this episode has you doing just that if not more. Vanic takes over the last 30 minutes of the podcast continuing to slay and then wraps it up by releasing a brand new song that is set to be featured on The Chainsmokers upcoming album. The tracklist for this episode has not yet been released but Alex and Drew encourage us to stay tuned. Until then you can check out Nice Hair episode 026 featuring Vanic!

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