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Vanic Tackles New Single Like a Samurai

The Vancouver-born producer is back again with yet another banger. Known for his mood-lifting remixes and incredible originality, we’ve been waiting for Vanic to hit us with another single worthy of his past releases. And as his reputation proceeds him, the day has finally come.

Ever since his past chart-topping remixes, Vanic has ventured away from the remix world and introduced us to his original style in singles like ‘High,’ ‘The Cops,’ and ‘Borderline.’ Collaborating with huge names like K.Flay, Zella Day, Tove Styrke, and many more, Vanic has gained a well-deserved fanbase.

Now that Vanic has us addicted to his one-of-a-kind musical mastery, it’s time to get a little more hooked with his new single, ‘Samurai.’

Featuring belting vocals from the talented Katy Tiz, ‘Samurai’ takes us on a ride through whirling guitar riffs and enchanting percussion. With more than 24,000 likes on Soundcloud, this single shows is one more step in Vanic’s skyrocketing career. The electric synths mixed with an orchestral melody makes for an irresistible track. With a fiery pop twist, Vanic deserves all the praise he is getting, if not more.

Lucky for us, Vanic is making a pit stop in his North American tour for the two-day New Years celebration, Decadence AZ! Rumor has it Vanic is a must-see live…don’t miss your chance to see this master at work!

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