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The New Louis The Child Track is LITerally Fire

Well, it’s time for the power duo of the year to slay us once again. Louis The Child dropped their feelsy new single, and alike their previous releases, we are nowhere near disappointed. Every since Robby and Eddy stole the nation with ‘It’s Strange,’ they have been on a non-stop power roll through the charts and right up to the top. Becoming one of EDM’s most listened-to producers, the two best friends are killing it.

One after another, Louis The Child put out multiple singles that quickly became summer anthems for every occasion, not to mention playing at some of the most attended music festivals around the globe. Their success went from 0 to 100 in the span of just months, but the young music makers don’t seem to be phased, as they are climbing higher and higher up the ladder as time flies by.

Their catchy melodic feels spread with toons that you just can’t seem to stop humming. It’s no different with their brand new single ‘Fire,’ with beautiful vocals by Evalyn. The soft yet powerfully poetic lyrics carry through the song atop Freddy and Robby’s undeniably recognizable future bass harmony. This song is somehow the perfect amount of chill while still having a wildly empowering effect.

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