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Wuki Answers Herobust with Remix of “Bottle Swervice”

With an upcoming performance at the first BOO! Arizona, Wuki is an artist that you must put on your new playlists! Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Kris Barman aka Wuki has released tracks with major labels and accumulated millions of plays on his remixes and originals. His style focuses heavily on breaks and could be considered to be a form of booty breaks and UK Garage called Ghetto-Tech. However strange this sub-genre may sound, Wuki is credited for bringing ghetto-tech to the forefront of the modern electronic music scene but with a certain twist. Get a taste of his sound with Wuki’s latest remix of his friend Herobust’s track Bottle Swervice.

This instance of Wuki’s genius is focused on massive kicks and shrill noises. The original vocals are layered with fatter drums and lead into a short buildup. When the drop begins, Wuki pays homage to Herobust’s unignorable talent for sound design by leaving the initial bass growl as is. However, the following progression is more fitting to Wuki and takes an upbeat, broken beat, trap banger form.

The remix seems to be a response to the remix Herobust did for Wuki’s track “Make it Clap”. Herobust seriously BUSTS that one apart so it only seems fitting that Wuki would return the favor. And he has done just that. Make sure to check out the rest of Wuki’s work via the links below and make sure to catch Wuki at BOO! Arizona and Herobust at Global Dance Festival AZ 2016!

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Connect With Herobust: Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud

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