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Decadence Artist Spotlight: Keeping it Positive with Kill Paris

From the beginning, Kill Paris started composing his music with the will to push positivity into the world. His main goal is to honor these positive moments over the negative. Through his music, Kill Paris has presented a confusing yet calm demeanor. While listening to his tracks, it’s like catapulting yourself onto the edges of the space we exist in. Reaching all of the different areas space is what this music attempts to make sense of.

With his music and the addition of lyrics, Kill Paris attempts to reconstruct the good into our universe. After the monstrous attack on the city of Paris last year, Kill Paris reciprocated the incident by altering his name into Chill Harris for the time being. His change of name spoke for his motion of peace, focusing energy away from the tragedy at hand. After the tragedy, he released a lengthy statement on Facebook, and the overall message can be summed up by this small portion…

“No matter your creed, age, place of birth or any other label that society has decided to create, we are all in this together.”

As I continued to read through Kill Paris’ social media sites and listen to his music, I observed the unity that takes place through everything he puts out there. I sought out his efforts to unify the human race by the means of his music. Even though some of it puts you through a confusing moment in time, it makes you sit back and think about what everything surrounding our existence really means.

Take off into another galaxy with Kill Paris on day one of this year’s Decadence. Join the event page and purchase your tickets before they go up in price.

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