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Listen To Kaskade’s New Remix of ‘Beneath With Me’

It’s not every day that we see a producer remix his own song. Especially when it’s a remix of a collaboration of two unstoppable forces put together, there must be magic in the works. In this case, Kaskade decided to reinvent his and Deadmau5’s October single ‘Beneath With Me,’ renaming it ‘Beneath With Me (Kaskades V.4).

Featuring the grammy-nominated single Skylar Grey, Kaskade takes this energized Deadmau5-Kaskade classic and gave it a more chill vibe that will make you appreciate the song in a completely new light.

It’s always interesting to hear how EDM producers take a song, hear it as their own, and spin it into a different strand of gold. But it’s perhaps even more special to see the same producer remix his own music.  With a more turned down mood, Kaskade fans can enjoy the new-and-improved original and find a new love for the song.

Listen now!

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