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Umek Is Starting 2017 Off With a Bang

Techno wonderboy Umek has dropped some major heat on fans, giving them plenty to listen to at the start of this new year. As the leading musical exporter from Slovenia, Umek is personally credited for developing the rave scene in his homeland from its illegal, underground origins. Now as a staple in the techno genre, he travels from continent to continent playing underground clubs and massive festivals while still producing original tunes on the side. These productions have made their way to major labels such as Toolroom, Spinnin’ Records, and Great Stuff unless kept for his own establishment, 1605. With twenty years of tried and tested experience, Umek continues to grow as a star techno artist, which is apparent in his latest single and “Behind The Curtain’ mix.

The above single “Fonon” is Umek’s newest and features, dark, driving basses that fuel an intense movement of electronic music. The initial sounds of the track emulate large, percussive instruments such as toms, while the synth stabs sound almost like a brass section. The combination of these elements creates a stampede of bass noise that is very high energy. As the track progresses, so do the noises to cover a wide range of timbres and frequencies. However, the overall mode of the track is always referenced by the new noises and sustained to create a unified story. “Fonon” by Umek is no doubt one of the hottest techno tracks leading into the year of 2017.

In addition to the single, Umek continues his “Behind The Curtain” mix series, which has reached substantial popularity among techno fans. The latest edition, Episode 288, features seventeen brilliant tracks selected by Umek to fill an hour long set. This mix is perfect for late night drives or relaxing while looking at the stars so throw it on some good speakers and enjoy!

Make sure to check out Umek’s upcoming performance with RBDeep at the Monarch Theatre and grab your tickets here!

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