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The Chainsmokers Reveal Artwork and Further Information on New Album

The prolific duo has recently taken to Twitter to divulge some critical information about their upcoming debut album Memories: Do Not Open. Fans were voicing concern over the fact their Collage EP included tracks that were released as singles before the debut of the album. Thus, they are expressing worry over The Chainsmokers‘ upcoming album not featuring music that is new and original. Fans have high expectations for the album, but the artists themselves replied to a tweet that was sent to them seeking more information on the new album.

The tweet read, “can you reveal something of the new album? I can’t wait for new album’s news.” The Chainsmokers curtly responded that, to the fans’ satisfaction, there will “be all new music minus Paris” which was released on January 13.

Check out the tweet below.

After fans got the news they wanted, they were given another gift in the form of additional news about the album. Potential artwork was revealed on depicting a tattered cardboard box with several items spilling out of it. There are three different shots of the box at three different angles, and the items include a microphone, some headphones, an old varsity jacket, and a Chinese food takeout box just to name a few. This unofficial release is considered to be a realistic representation of what the album cover will look like. Only time will tell. Here is the image.

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