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Get Ready for Lane 8 at Phoenix Lights with This 3 Hour Spring Mix

Daniel Goldstein, who you probably know as Lane 8, is an American-born and Germany-based DJ and producer who’s not afraid to break the rules– or create new ones. Last summer Lane 8 conceived a new type of show unlike any other. The concept was this: remove all phones and cameras from the event, and get back to connecting with the music and the people around you. He called it ‘This Never Happened’ and it’s since become a widely embraced phenomenon from his fans which is truly incredible considering how dependent we’ve become on technology. Lane 8 said, “We’ve done 17 This Never Happened shows to date, and they have been the best shows I’ve ever done.. I have never enjoyed performing more than I do right now, and for that, I’m truly thankful.” He plays 3 hours of what he says is his “absolute favorite music on the planet right now” at each one of his sets, making for unique and memorable experience for the fans lucky enough to attend these shows that never happened.

Luckily, Lane 8 shares a bit of his favorite music with the rest of us through his extended mixes, like his latest 3 and a half hour Spring 2017 Mixtape.

He opens with a track from fellow Anjunadeep resident Fluida, followed by some Bonobo and Maxxi Soundsystem. There’s a fun Coyu and Bastian Bux remix of Florian Kruse & Hendrik Burkhard’s “Raise Your Glass” almost a third of the way in. Noir & Olivier Giacomotto’s “Blackrays” makes an appearance as well as a Thomas Jack remix of Crooked Colours’ “Flow”. You can find the entire tracklist on 1001tracklists

Lane 8 hits Phoenix Lights right before taking off on his next ‘This Never Happened’ tour. Put your phones away and get lost in a set you won’t forget; get tickets here!

Connect with Lane 8: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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