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Ray Volpe Announces New EP ‘Reality’

Rising dubstep producer Ray Volpe recently announced his forthcoming EP titled Reality. The North Carolinian producer has been making waves this past year with his unique dubstep drops and pop-punk-esque vocal samples. His latest effort is set to drop on Sept. 5th

Earlier this year Volpe tweeted this, confirming that the EP was finally done & almost upon us. With Volpe’s previous releases like “Outerworld” or his remix of Marhsmello’s “Ritual,” it’s easy to see the direction that he’s trying to take this new EP. Earlier this month Volpe dropped the first single from Reality, a track that shares the title of the album. The song features his typical emo-style vocals, with a gnarly drop utilizing his signature growl. The way Ray Volpe’s wubs sound are compared to that of a demonic lion–to me, they are pure electronic bliss.

Ray Volpe is a personal favorite of mine. His unique sounds and emotionally provoking vocals really create a distinct style of dubstep that I like to call “emostep”. Volpe has yet to pay a visit to Arizona, but here’s hoping that he makes his way over to the valley of the sun sooner than later.

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