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Top 3 Chet Porter Songs to Catch a Vibe To

Chet Porter, out of Toronto, Canada, has a highly unique sound that takes future bass to a whole new level. He’s part of the Foreign Family Collective, alongside the likes of Big Wild, Jai Wolf, and Louis Futon. I’ve seen Chet twice and both times he provided just the right vibes. His ability to mix is distinct and his original tracks truly showcase his individuality in the EDM industry. I’m not ashamed to say that even his Soundcloud mixes make me happy-cry. Here’s a few CP remixes and originals to get you in the feels-y mood for his Decadence set:

3. “tbh ily”

This is one of Chet Porter’s older tracks. It’s all instrumental and has his classic sound synthy and melodic sound that we all love. If you want to get to know the basis of his music, this is a great place to start. Not to mention, it’s a perfect song to just sit back and relax to.

2. “Over U” (Remix)

This was the first song I ever heard from Chet, and it always brings me back to that time. It builds up with a beautiful melody and drops with a future bass sound and a glockenspiel melody that always gets me to tap my fingers along to it. If you’re having a tough day, this song is guaranteed to lift your spirits and take you to that happier place we all know only music can. Spoiler Alert: in a lot of his sets and mixes, Porter mixes Blink 182’s “Feeling This” during this song and I melt every time I hear it.

3. “Stay” ft. Chelsea Cutler

“Stay” is by far my favorite Chet Porter song. This is his latest hit single and was released off of Foreign Fam’s label. Chelsea Cutler’s vocals on the song reel you in and the lyrics I think can hit home for everyone in some way. With the same musicality as “tbh ily,” “Stay” gives us everything we love in Chet but this time the production value is much higher and allows us to hear all the instrumentation and sound that’s put into it.

Catch Chet Porter on New Years at Decadence, AZ! Buy your tickets here.

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