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Spin it Back Saturday: Lee Foss – ‘Turn Your Girl’

The year is 2011 and up and coming Techno/House DJ and producer, Lee Foss, has just released his first EP. Turn Your Girl was a 4-track collection of some of the best Tech-House that era had seen. Being a 90’s underground raver himself, he knew what the people wanted. The EP titled track, “Turn Your Girl” was the most popular song off the EP and one of the best songs to come out of Culprit Records (slightly biased opinion). Saturdays are for the legends and for this Spin it Back Saturday, we are honoring Foss and his funk-infused House melody.

To know the level of Foss’s talent is to know this song. Everything from the emotive elements to the saucy vocals, it makes him and this song undeniably awesome. In the past 7 years, Foss has nothing but upped the bar on his craft. Stroll by the RB Deep stage at Phoenix Lights and make sure you witness this legend for yourself. Grab your tickets here before they sell out!

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