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Angelz and Moeazy Team Up on New EP ‘ZZ’

Arguably the best thing about the EDM genre is the complete and utter lack of rules. We see this manifested in the latest collaboration of house producer, Angelz, and rapper/producer, Mo Eazy. The ZZ EP is one of unfamiliar pairings and genre sharings. The two producers crafted 5 tracks together, that when played back to back takes listeners through a grimy journey, full of trap, hip/hop, and house beats.

Seen as a “rebel” in the scene, Angelz puts his middle finger up to the status quo and forges a pioneering path in his music career. Blending his draw to hip/hop from a young age and his attraction to the repetitive and dance-evokingness of House music, he created a sound unlike any other. Check it out below.

This project with Mo Eazy highlights both artists’ raw talents. They open the EP with “Lochness”, a high-energy house and hip/hop hybrid that sets a fierce mood for the next 4 songs. Venturing further into what waits ahead, you’ll find 4 songs that turn down the BMPS but goes full force into fresh raps and bars.

Angelz and “ZZ” are coming to a club near you. Catch Angelz at Bar Smith on July 13th for a night of rooftop hangs and house bangers. Grab your tickets here.

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