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‘Babatunde’ from PEEKABOO and G-REX Lives Up to the Hype

With Wakaan’s latest release, “Babatunde,” the wait for one of the most anticipated tracks of the year is finally over! Only a few days out from this release, the response from the bass community has been monumental. This attention is well-deserved, as the collab comes from an impressive pair. On “Babatunde,” PEEKABOO, who is easily one of the hottest rising bass producer of the moment, teams up with G-Rex to create some gnarly, minimalist basslines.

The resulting tune is menacingly heavy. The drops in “Babatunde” kick off with the vocal, “go a little something like…” and then hit you with some sub-bass so low in frequency that it just might rattle the foundations of your house. On top of that, PEEKABOO and G-Rex throw in some wacky noise samples that are characteristic of freeform bass, including something that sounds like a monkey screech.

“Babatunde” has already been posted by popular YouTube accounts like UFK Dubstep and The Dub Rebellion, garnering thousands of views in addition to its 40k first weekend SoundCloud plays. Plus, it’s recently been mixed by notorious bass gods like Space Jesus and Liquid Stranger. It is sure to become a staple in countless sets for the rest of this festival season.

Wakaan is currently running a merch giveaway contest for the best reaction video to “Babatunde.” So if this track gives you serious bass face, check out the contest details here!

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