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Dabin and Fytch Go Higher with ‘Altitude’

Dabin and Fytch, two artists that have skyrocketed in popularity from supporting the biggest artists in the game right now, have created something together on their own. If you haven’t been paying attention to the two stellar artists, their recent rise in popularity should get you to notice them now. Dabin, a Canadian Korean producer, has almost 8 million plays for his big hit, “Hold,” and recently has been on tour with Illenium to play guitar for his Awake live show. Fytch has also been lending his talents for support, this time with dark space bass queen REZZ. Fytch worked with REZZ on her track, “Toxin,” off her latest album, and it’s proving to be one of the most popular songs off Certain Kind of Magic. Now, Dabin’s emotive and powerful production skills combine with Fytch’s full, almost haunting voice for an emotionally rounded song.

The slow guitar and Fytch’s voice introduce the song as something contemplative and perhaps a little bittersweet. With the drop and the lyrics “This altitude’s got me searching for solid ground,” the song is careened into future bass territory with chills down your spine and feels to match. This unlikely pairing between Dabin and Fytch has produced something that has more depth and dimension than your typical happy feelsy song. Keep an eye out for more from these two.

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