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Proceed With Caution, Blossom’s Latest is ‘Dangerous’

Phoenix has been turning up talent left and right it seems, and the bubbly, pink-haired DJ/producer known as Blossom is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Born Emily Fromm, Blossom got her start here in Phoenix playing viola and violin in orchestra for 12 years. After experiencing her first music festival in 2013, Blossom gained an interest in DJing, and her career has taken off since then.

She’s already received major support from Dr. Fresch, SayMyName, Two Owls, and more, and she’s been featured in Ghastly’s 2016 Diplo and Friends Mix. She’s also been busy in the local festival circuit, with plays at Global Dance Festival, Phoenix Lights, and Wet Electric, and will be taking the stage at this year’s Decadence AZ.

Check out the latest release from Blossom, entitled “Dangerous.” Hit play below.

“Dangerous” is a fast-paced House track that sounds off like an alarm. The single was released on Pinnacle Collective’s XX Vol. 1 – An All Ladies Compilation, which also features music from Nicky Genesis, Lucille Croft, and Wenzday, paving the way for female producers everywhere.

Blossom will be taking the stage at Decadence AZ, taking place December 30 and 31 at Rawhide Event Center in Chandler. Click here to see the full lineup, get all the info you need, and purchase tickets.

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