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Berrix and Bommer Give Us Melodic Riddim on ‘Wolf Pack VIP’

Last year, Berrix and Bommer released “Wolf Pack,” a riddim/dubstep fusion that can only be described as “utterly dirty,” as one Soundcloud user comments. Late last month Bommer and Berrix reunited and released “Wolf Pack (VIP),” an experimental and unhinged update to an already explosive track. Berrix is a Belgian dubstep producer who is known for his unrelenting bass and insane chopping skills. He has gained the support of some well-respected artists including Squnto, Subfiltronik, Infekt, and Mastodon. Bommer, the 25-year-old riddim producer from St. Louis, gained a considerable amount of attention five years ago with his release “Yasuo”, a track that brought riddim into the mainstream.

This VIP version takes “Wolf Pack”’s traditional riddim format of repeating metallic basses, simple clap and kick drum patterns, and sudden bass changes and adds some experimental melodic elements. Underneath every bass, an evolving melody sequence adds motion and action to attract the audience further. Bommer and Berrix do a great job at maintaining ferocious energy and never give the listener a moment to catch their breath. The main bass of the song differs from the first and you can really tell that both artists have refined their sound design with time. The best part of “Wolf Pack (VIP)” is seeing how riddim itself is changing with its rapid popularization. In both versions of the track, we hear different variations of riddim and gradual changes within the entire genre itself. In “Wolf Pack (VIP),” we hear the more melodic undertones that add a complex element to an already elaborate genre. While the track isn’t necessarily considered riddim, both artists have done an excellent job changing up and experimenting with the heavy bass genre.

If you’re a riddim fanatic, you’re not going to want to miss his show at Aura Nightclub with HE$H on June 22, 2019 (you can get tickets here).
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