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Midnight T Gets Grimy on ‘Mutation’

Famasaurus! We are all sorts of stoked to finally say that “MUTATION” is officially OUT NOW everywhere via Gud Vibrations Records. As some of Midnight Tyrannosaurus staple set of staple songs as of late, it gives us all those mutated warm and fuzzy feelings to finally share this piece of bassy artwork with you guys.

Steeped with filth, flames, and all-encompassing ferocious bass, “Mutation” is all you’d expect from our dubstep dino. This 3-track EP takes you on a journey of sorts that’s riddled with ominous samples and outlandish sounds. Leading with the EP-titled track “Mutation”, Midnight T kicks things off with a spooky and slanderous track that lets you know- this isn’t your ordinary dubstep compilation. Then we have “Banana Planet” and “styx” that simply seer your ear vessels. This is not one to go unheard- check it out below.

As you can see, Midnight Tyrannosaurus is a unique breed of mutated dubstep that we are all in need of. If you want to geo full mutate mode, you can catch him at either Gentle Bens on May 24 or at The Pressroom on May 25. See you there (if you dare).

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