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Rezz Releases ‘Dark Age’ Ahead of Upcoming EP

The electronic world is experiencing its own Dark Ages era, this time with soul-snatching midtempo bass instead of the black plague. Ruling as queen over it all is Rezz, breaker of sound boundaries and mother of space bass. She’s still riding the incredible success from her album released in August last year, Certain Kind of Magic, and true to her ambitious nature, she’s about to stun us with more new music – her new EP comes out on July 24, and it’s called Beyond The Senses. Have a taste of what’s to come and immerse yourself along with your senses in her new single, “Dark Age,” her first independent release.

Rezz submerges her listener in darkness immediately with unsettling creaks and haunting echoes, followed by guitar strums that are reminiscent of alternative rock. She harmonizes the light and the dark with super-sonic stomping synths and a kiss of alluring twinkles, then assaults every one of your senses with a mind-melting second drop that hits so hard you won’t be able to catch your breath. Each new Rezz release transcends the last, and Beyond The Senses will absolutely surpass the five senses to uncharted planes. Like her previous album releases, BTS will be a complete experience in her live performances. Along with the vibe of the music and the album artwork, “each piece of the project (the music, the tour visuals, and the virtual reality component) will work together to reflect the concept of living beyond your senses.” Yes, that’s right, Rezz will be bringing VR to her shows. Space Mom is raising the bar beyond comprehension.

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Source: Billboard

Photo: Will Selviz

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