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Truth Delivers ‘The Unexpected’

Wakaan has the newest EP from Truth, out now and ready to stream in full. The New Zealand based act has been working alongside each other for the past ten years and sound bigger than ever with their EP The Unexpected. 


Listen here.

Going back to a powerful dubstep-fused vibe, the EP opens with a title track that will destroy the senses with rumbling bass jars and defined rhythms. “Goodnight” has waves of deep grooves before “Creatures” demands immediate attention via its rattling dynamics. “For Sure” pitches things right down and features a whole host of entirely unique sampling.

The guys say, “With this EP we wanted to showcase some of the diversity of our sound. From the triplet-driven crazy energy of the title track ‘The Unexpected’ with its bouncy bassline and in your face sound design. The ravey, garage-esque intro of ‘Goodnight,’ which transforms into a snarling reese-bass monster. ‘Creatures’ is something straight out of the swampy depths, sucking you in with horror vibes. Then ‘For Sure’ is just plain weird, but catchy, upping the tempo on that one.”

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