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Hot Since 82 Drops ‘8-track’ Album

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten a mere couple singles out of Hot Since 82 since he decided to take a lengthy break and got a taste of the tour life. In 2014, he released “Somebody Everybody,” in 2015 we got “Veins,” even this year he’s dropped some hits like “Remains of the Day” and “Therapy” featuring Alex Mills. But it’s been quite a bit longer, that we can recall, since esteemed house DJ and UK native Daley Padley has graced us with a full-length album until now.

Padley opted to end July with a bang – and a few bangers – and released 8-track, his first full-length album since 2013’s Little Black Book. He teased the collection first with the release of “Buggin’” that features the touching vocals of dance and electronic artist Jem Cooke. While the tempo resembles a steady, standard house beat, the lyrics go a little bit deeper saying “I’m awake inside my dreams, I can’t see which way the room is bending. . .I hear voices in my brain, weighin’ heavy on my mind.” Shortly after this preview, Padley teased another profound Jem Cooke collab titled “You Are the Light” and with both tracks revealed, the albums underlying emotional tone was quickly established. The fully released anthology also features tunes like “Therapy” with catchy lyrics by Alex Mills along with the albums opener and easily it’s most popular track “Vapours” among other snappy gems.

The album delivers that beloved, mid-tempo house rhythm but each individual track is comprised of its own unique and mesmerizing traits whether it’s in the muffled chanting, accentuated snare, off-beat hi-hat symbols or synthesized basslines.

We can’t figure out just what it is, but 8-track provides a sort of underground, fervent and hazy sound that goes beyond the dance floor and into the dazed, post-rave ride home. Hot Since 82 and only getting hotter as he makes his way to AZ’s Shady Park in Tempe on Sunday, October 13. Get tickets here!

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