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Rapta’s Personal ‘Farewell’ is an Essential Listen

The brand new release on 2-DEX comes courtesy of Boston artist Rapta, who was born and raised in Massachusetts. He drops the beautifully crafted “Farewell,” which is all about the artist making life transitions.

He explains, “I’m going through a major transitional period of my life where my looking out my window looks nothing like it used to. I left my family and loved ones on the East Coast, all while going through heartbreak and having to say goodbye to some people for the last time ever. I needed to make change in my life in order move on and this is my Farewell.”

 It’s hard not to get swept up in the sublime guitar and vocals provided by Rapta here, and we love the R&B energy that is delivered with fluidity and ease. Take a listen to Rapta’s “Farewell” now.

Connect with Rapta: Facebook | SoundCloud

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