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Riot Ten & SAYMYNAME Unload Their ‘Glocks’ with Milano the Don

A truly killer combination—Riot Ten, SAYMYNAME, and Milano the Don—have all come together on a new collaborative tune, “Glocks.” As would one imagine, it’s a banger. While Riot Ten and SAYMYNAME are synonymous with heavy bass music, Milano the Don is also known throughout the EDM community for his hype-filled vocals. As a matter of fact, you may recognize him from previous Riot Ten tracks, such as “Till We Die” and “Headbusta.” As impressive as those tunes may be, “Glocks” is simply next-level.

With a classic trap intro in the beginning and no-nonsense bridge straight into the first drop, the tenacious trio starts out very, very strongly. Right before the drop, of course, Milano the Don hypes us all up, and then, the magic begins.

Riot Ten & SAYMYNAME – Glocks (feat. Milano The Don) | Dim Mak Records

Riot Ten and SAYMYNAME get to work immediately with a divine drop that fuses dubstep and trap elements together. A heavenly hybrid, to say the least. Then, the second drop shifts the genre back to trap while also mixing in several of the sounds from the first drop, as well as plenty of new ones, too!

As if those achievements weren’t enough, the dynamic duo doesn’t stop there. The final drop might just be the best of the bunch. Absolutely relentless, it makes the listener want to jump, headbang, and then take a breather afterwards, because the energy is just insane. Don’t take our word for it, check it out now!

Like what you hear? In that case, we’ve got some great news for you! Riot Ten will be bringing this energy and so much more—including support from Jessica Audiffred and Sharps—to Aura in Tempe on Saturday, December 7.  Grab tickets here! You can also catch a firey set from SAYMYNAME at BOO! Arizona on October 19th. See the full lineup and grab those tickets here.

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