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JOYRYDE Gives Us ‘Selecta 19’

The sweet release of Joyryde‘s new single,”Selecta 19″ is finally here and for many, it felt like this day would never come. When John Ford, better known as Joyryde, took to twitter a few weeks ago to tease the track and drop the release date, fans were revved up to say in the least. Then, just a day before the planned release, Joyryde pumped the breaks on dropping the tune.

“i could bullshit you and say it was some record industry shit but it was because I didn’t like the sound of a few parts in it. yeah im annoyed, but it was the right move.”

Not what a ryder ever wants to hear but the day did come and “Selecta 19” officially hit streams on October 4. Joyryde ins’t messing with his robust and high energy vibes and were are happy to see it. Full of a sing-along-able sample and a beat that makes us what to go 0 to 60, “Selecta 19” is the track of the moment. Check it out below.

In addition to dropping heaters, JOYRYDE announced his upcoming “BRAVE” World Tour which takes off next month. Speaking on the two current projects, Joyryde says,

Amongst the “seriousness” of writing an album, I wanted to make a record that had no ego or respect for anything pretentious. Something that was just jump up good vibe. I dunno if selecta hit that mark but it’s how I felt when writing it. Miss Bratts vocal just took it home. I hope when people hear the song it makes them stop thinking and just vibe out…”

Don’t miss JOYRYDE at this year’s Decadence Arizona alongside Fisher, Skrillex, Griztronics, Zeds Dead, and many more. Click here to get more info and purchase tickets.

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