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Pedestrian Tactics Deliver Futuristic EP

The new EP from Pedestrian Tactics has just arrived and it’s a real electronic/future bass treat. Having taken its inspiration from computer coding, the aptly titled Nerds Trying To Dance EP sees its release via MAD ZOO.

With robotic bounce at the forefront of it, this series features fresh melodic glitches and looped vocal samples for its distinctive signature. The title track comes at you with powerful repetition and groove, whereas “Where’d My Head Go” is a little softer in parts. “matingcall.exe” stands strong as a euphoric opener, whilst “Kernel Panic” hits a climax with ingenious layering and thrilling dynamics.

Give it a play below.

Pedestrian Tactics says of his latest release, The prompt for ‘Nerds Trying To Dance’ began with a tweet from a programmer who was listening to one of my tracks during a coding session. I realized I hadn’t designed the track for coding, “But what would happen if I did?” For the last year I dove into programming-inspired niches and eventually learned to write a bit of Swift, C#, and JavaScript as a result. The EP itself makes use of plenty of programmatic scales contrasted by explorative accidental sounds.”

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