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Deadmau5 Drops ‘FALL’

The ever-so-popular Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman, famously known as Deadmau5, has released a new track under his mau5trap label that was also featured on the CubeV3 tour. Deadmau5 has over twenty years in the music  industry which includes six Grammy Award nominations. He has performed at countless festivals all over the world, and is still continuing to create music for his supporters. Deadmau5 knows how to manage his time well between touring and releasing new music. “Fall” is the third release off the mau5trap label the last three weeks. How does he do it? Well, only a veteran in the game as long as him knows. 

“Fall” is a techno track that explores the darker side of the genre, and is comparatively darker than his usual progressive house music. The song begins with glitching sounds which incrementally builds into an intricate webbing of multiple beats. Halfway through the song, the underlying beats he built up disappear and change into a new sound that still features the original buzzing, glitch sound we heard in the beginning. This song is definitely one to hear! Want to hear more from Deadmau5? You can hear more from him at the link below, and keep your eyes peeled for his next visit to the Valley!

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