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DJ to Watch: INZO

We’re into INZO and as today’s DJ to Watch, we are here to play show and tell on why that is. Mike Inzano, better known as his stage name INZO, is an up and coming artist out of Chicago who knows no boundaries when it comes to style and genre. His 6-word bio simply states, ” I  dabble in most electronic genres” and we can mostly definitely confirm.

Being classically trained on the piano since age four his music theory spans far beyond the bedroom decks. His passion and knowledge for music shines through in his music in each and every bar and chorus. Top tracks like “Overthinker” (which is peaking at 2 million plays) and latest hit track, “Angst” are truly forward thinking tunes that cut through all the current noise of the decade.

Nodding to his Chicago roots, he throws some love to the Chi Town master mixers best knows as Louis The Child with a remix to their top track, “Better Not.”

Even more so, he gave more love to his hometown bros with a remix to Chicago-based producers Win and Woo, coincidentally enough to a song named “Chicago.”

Clearly, the kid knows what he’s doing and we cannot wait to hear what else he has in store in the near future.

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