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Canabliss Delivers Exquisite Experiment in Bass with ‘Crique’

Toronto-based producer Canabliss seems to have materialized out of nowhere. Her bubblegum pink hair might lead one to think she floated down gently from heaven, but her bass that won’t hold back confirms she hails from space. Contrasting with her own physical aesthetic, Canabliss’s relentless sound is delicately designed with a rhythmic touch to be heavy without being overwhelming. It takes meticulous crafting, especially when playing with experimental bass, but Canabliss has embarked to master it in her three short months on SoundCloud. She’s already proven herself to artists like Troyboi and Peekaboo, who brought her on as support in November. Her latest release, “Crique,” is perhaps the best example of her skill yet. Listen below.

The track immediately zooms in with loud, growling sounds and foreboding synths that switch up after a coy giggle sample before finally dropping into gross, low vibrations infamous like those in “Babatunde” or “Behemoth” (read: it’s a rising banger.) “Crique” has already received support from Canabliss’s peer and friend Rezz, who melted the entire crowd with this track and prompted one member of the audience to exclaim “This is Behemoth!” to which Canabliss responded “NAW THIS IS CANABLISS” on Twitter. If “Crique” is any indication of Canabliss’s future, audiences will soon familiarize themselves with her unforgiving experiments in bass music.

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