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Galantis Drops Divine New Album ‘Church’

Galantis‘ new album might not have fallen straight out of the sky and into our laps, but you could argue that it’s heaven sent. Last week Sweden’s dynamic duo delivered Church, an album that brings together an electric rhythm with a pop sound for the masses to groove to. With a title like Church, it’s only fitting that Galantis gave us an album this uplifting. Filled with messages of love, faith, and miracles it’s sure to take you to a higher ground. Give it a listen below.

Church gives us fans 45 minutes of pure bliss packed with some incredible features including Dolly Parton, Passion Pit, and OneRepublic. My personal favorite track being “Bonfire” featuring Steve James, a lighthearted song filled with words of nostalgia over a beat I could bounce my head to all day. Three years after Galantis’ sophomore album The Aviary, they continue to evolve their sound and prove to the world why they are an EDM force to be reckoned with.

They are currently on their Church Of Galantis tour which includes 15 dates in various countries across the globe. Click here to check out their current list of tour dates.

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