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REZZ Drops Enticing New Single ‘Sacrificial’ ft PVRIS

Canadian producer Isabelle Rezazadeh, aka REZZ, has made quite the name for herself in the electronic world, quickly climbing the ranks from opener to headliner with her unique sound and stage presence. Those who have seen her sets live often describe them as soul-stealing, breath-taking, and downright spooky. With very few releases in the past year, fans of her ‘cult’ have wondered what the artist has been up to, and were pleasantly surprised when she took to social media to reveal a new track. Having dropped on February 5th, ‘Sacrificial,’ is out now! Listen to the track below!

Rezz – Sacrificial (Audio) ft. PVRIS

The dark track starts off with an eerie melody, a true REZZ introduction. Soon after, the vocals (provided by singer Lynn Gunn from American Rock Band PVRIS) take the spotlight, accompanied by an ominous and interesting backtrack of sounds. The vocals become high pitched and the surrounding music builds behind them, enticing you in and preparing you for the drop to come. The drop on this song easily exceeds expectations while remaining loyal to REZZ’s signature sound. With deep and dirty basslines mixing flawlessly with chopped up vocal edits, this track quickly proved itself as a favorite. Open your mind to the sounds of REZZ, and let her one-of-a-kind style take your breath away

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