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Shuffle Session: Top BIJOU hits to get down to


As live events are returning to Arizona, Tempe’s Sunbar is excited to welcome Phoenix native, BIJOU, back to the nightclub scene after a year without normal events. Saturday, April 3rd, BIJOU will be bringing his unique and groovy house sets for us to get down to, and after this past year, I think we could all use a little night of dancing. One of the things I have missed most about going to shows is getting to shuffle and break down to my favorite house sets, so this weekend I am pumped to get on the dance floor with BIJOU’s hype beats. To get ready for the show, here are some of my favorite BIJOU hits to shuffle to.

Bijou @ Shady Park | 181130 | Photos by Jacob Tyler Dunn

  1. “Poison” (SNBRN, Cece Roberts)

With a catchy chorus and elements of disco, “Poison” is one of my favorite songs to spin and shuffle to.  Listen to “Poison” here.

2. “Your Love”

“Your Love” is a song that instantly fills me with serotonin as I sing along to the heart-filled lyrics and can sync my running man to the deep house drops. Listen to “Your Love” here.

3. “Gotta Shine” (feat. Germ)

“Gotta Sine” has a funkier  underlying beat to it and I dirty build up and beat drop that makes it super fun to dance to. Listen to “Gotta Shine” here.

4. “WHOA” (with Party Favor)

If you are trying to get down, pump your fists, and slide across the dance floor, “WHOA” is the song for you. Let the upbeat and entrancing song take over your body and all of your best moves will come out. Listen to “WHOA” here.

5. “Kung Fu” (Dr. Fresch)

“Kung Fu” incorporates hip hop beats and tunes that will get stuck in your head for the entire night. Bust out all of your ninja dance moves and shuffle along to “Kung Fu” and you are bound to have. fun time. Listen to “Kung Fu” here.

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