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Bou Reaches ‘Closer’ to the Top, Releases First Track with Major Record Label

Taking over the UK Drum & Bass scene, Bou is a force to be reckoned with. Known for producing some filthy rollers and specializing (but not exclusively) in DNB’s jump up style, he has stood out with his musical adaptability, gaining inspiration and mixing other genres of DNB, pop, hip-hop, etc. Bou continues reaching new milestones in his career, as he releases his new track “Closer” ft. Slay, under major record label, Island, for the first time.

“Closer” opens with a sample of the classic angelic pianos of the song “Children” by Robert Miles. The track begins to heat up with the vocals of UK grime musician and artist, Slay. As he sings the chorus, we are hit with booming bass and speedy drums. The bouncing bass line mixed with the piano notes makes a bubbly melodic sound that gets your body moving. This is the first track by Bou signed with Island Records, a long-running major label based in the UK. Island Records has worked with a variety of popular artists around the UK, Jamaica, and here in the US. Bou showed his appreciation on a recent Instagram post regarding the release of “Closer”:

“…I still can’t believe I’m actually releasing a song on a label like Island and I feel so lucky and humbled that you lot have enabled me to be in this position. Thank you guys.”

Photo from Bou’s Facebook

Amine Bou, went from raving and performing in the underground scene to headlining shows across the UK, New Zealand, and Europe. His staple tracks “Veteran(VIP)” and “Streetside” have had great impacts on his career; “Streetside” currently has over 60 million streams on Spotify. Since Bou’s rise to fame, he has also collaborated with other big-name DNB artists like Hedex, Trigga, High Contrast, etc. He even has his own record label, Gossip, which he mainly uses to release his own music and to have artistic freedom; although, Bou also uses his platform to seek out, get inspiration, and promote underground up and coming DNB artists. Finally, Bou’s community service endeavors include DNB 4 Peace, which was a fundraiser for Palestine, and his Manchester Food Bank Fundraiser, successfully used music to give back to these communities.

Bou’s ongoing list of accomplishments have him in the fast lane, on the road to becoming a legend. Ranging from deep bass heavy rollers to euphoric energetic melodies, Bou has sounds for everyone. Be sure to add Bou’s new track “Closer” ft. Slay to your playlists and check out Bou and his other music below.

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