Relentless Beats

About Relentless Beats

It was the late nineties. Rock had died a glamorous death nearly a decade ago. We were all temporarily saved for the most part by four-piece grungy orchestras that were formed and sounded like they still played in their garages while ditching school. The so-called alternative movement was soon to meet its demise as well with the coincidental death of its unintentional leader.

It was at this exact moment that the founders of this company/website were searching, salivating for something new to groove to.  Pop music was always around, but this time it was mostly silently satirized with the use of tweaked vocals and the touch of a button accompanied by high class MTV video direction…yeah, way back when there were music videos on MTV.  The rap game was appetizing for a minute until the main characters started losing their lives.

But just because the trends of American musical regurgitation were constant, our love of music wasn’t just going to dissipate into oblivion. It always has and always will serve as the soundtrack of our lives and would continue to forever, in perfect uncoordinated unison with the patterns and beats of their creativity. They boomed. Wouldn’t stop. They were consistent with the entire populations’ heartbeat…these beats were Relentless.

Then suddenly, as our country colonization and musical history repeated itself…An unknown, underground genre from Britain made way overseas, into our ears and ultimately onto our dance floors and arenas, like every mammoth of musical matter in the past. (Okay besides Elvis)

It was initially termed as ‘techno’, referring to its obvious un-handheld instrument technological demeanor. The majority of the arts frowned on this type of creativity, due to its lack of finger picking creation, but we knew deep down, these same critics were using a keyboard and mouse to get on with their everyday lives and professions.  It depended on a reproduction in the musical movement of technology. ..It will always be an unknown tour into the altruistic instrumentation that depended solely on computerized assisted creativity.  ‘Techno’ music ultimately spurned genre after genre within itself and continues to do so on a regular basis.  Our mission mirrors the evolution of the computer itself…An ever-changing, unpredictable revolution without boundaries…A progression of sorts.

This so called progression, kept us all on our toes and out on the town with music lovers literally rocking their souls along with the soul of the club in which this music was blasted since day one. It’s actually also a subsequent genre of the music itself referred to as ‘progressive’.

Like any other form of music that’s handed to America, it was eaten up, stripped of all artistic value and fed to the masses commercially… This is where we came in.

We decided to forever remain true to the electronic dance musical roots that we heard first hand. The Relentless ones… The ones burnt into your memory that makes you physically travel to hear them time and time again. It’s these ongoing hummable tunes and the artists that produced them who at the same time made way to our countryside made us flourish over the last decade.

From inception, we decided to steer away from the radio, keep it all about the evolution of dance music and remain true to the underground. Since then, the underground we were raised with has unabashedly become above ground and we have no choice but to grow with it, like everything else in our natural world that begins below the surface. We are proud to have you as a branch in this growth moving forward.

We have slowly become the number one supplier of the best of the best of our musical taste and EDM in the state of Arizona with shows growing by the day and at the same time the constant heartfelt appreciation of our fans that respect the aforementioned history… and much more, the unlimited future of dance music to come…We are RelentlessBeats.