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Steve Aoki Debuts Titanic Remix At Tomorrowland

Dim Mak founder and world famous producer/DJ, Steve Aoki, changed up the mood during his Tomorrowland set this past weekend with the emotional theme song for the Titanic, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Before his Tomorrowland set, Aoki posted a video on his instagram with the famous scene from the Titanic (below) with his own face edited on the characters announcing that he would be dropping a bootleg in his Tomorrowland set.


Aoki starts the song off by asking the crowd if they trust him and as the chorus kicks in the whole crowd joins in singing the lyrics as they are covered in blue light reflecting the mood of the film. After the chorus is through the beat picks up pace and builds up to a big room drop that pumps the energy back into the crowd continuing his massive set.

Andrew Spencer – Heart of the Ocean (Titanic) – Steve Aoki Remix @Tomorrowland 2015

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