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Feel The Vibe, Brave The Atmosphere, Experience The Musicality That Is ODESZA’s Latest Prodigy: Kasbo

Can you feel it? That raw, ethereal power? Is it Porter? Is it Odesza? Is it Flume? No. This is Kasbo.

Inspired by hip-hop, indie, and R&B, this 19 year old Swedish producer is slowly but surely creating a world around him that breathes heavenly vibes, composed atmospheres, and sensational musicality. Carl Garsbo, as he is known to those close to him, started off with humble beginnings like most, at age 17 he was creating remixes, bootlegs, and originals that eventually began to receive attention via Soundcloud plays and even a co-signing from Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and more. After releasing his first EP Umbrella Club just over a month ago, Kasbo has been graced with the opportunity to make some pretty huge announcements.

By pushing the boundaries of music and developing a landscape for creative freedom, Kasbo has found himself on the radar of Seattle-based duo Odesza. His latest track “World Away” has just been signed to Foreign Family Collective, Odesza’s label, and the young prodigy has toured with the group on their North American tour. In addition, Kasbo is hosting his own mini-North American tour which kicked off in Seattle on November 25th after making his U.S. debut at HARD Day of the Dead earlier this year.

The track which landed him this phenomenal opportunity “World Away”, as with many of his tracks, feels electronic only because it literally is. What I mean by this is that you can hear the influences of all other musical styles that he lends to the tracks. The indie music influence is remarkably present, and the hip-hop makes itself known with the low BPM and the deep, resonating bass. The vocals breathe R&B, although minimal. In other words, you don’t get the sense that you are listening to “EDM.” With Kasbo you are listening to a composition, to an intricately crafted environment, you are looking inside the mind of a visionary. Much like Porter Robinson’s Worlds LP, Kasbo’s music tells a story, and as far as I’m concerned, it is a story I am unquestionably eager to behold.

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