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Straight Chillin: Jai Wolf’s Newest Remix Gives Us Way Too Many Feels

You may already be familiar with the track “Feels” by Kiiara. An already smooth song on its own, this breathy track has already made its way around the EDM universe with remixes by Felix Cartel, Hotel Garuda, and Hippie Sabotage (check out that last one if you’re feeling a little #spooky this Sunday).

The next producer to make this track their own? Electronic producer Jai Wolf. He is up-and-coming in the electronic genre and has been developing his own signature style with each new track and remix: and this style is prominent in his remix of “Feels.”

An emotional song turns into a magical journey with Jai Wolf’s vision. A bit of chopped vocals here and some smooth panning there keep your attention for a solid minute and a half before the drop. And finally, when the chords have built your anticipation long enough and you can’t wait any more, the clouds have parted and you’re inundated by all of the feels (way too many of them) and bright, cascading synths.

And if you thought that was too many feels, hang tight. The second drop is much more sparkly and awe-inspiring – definitely worth the wait.

Listen to the track below and experience the emotions yourself:

Jai Wolf has been making a name for himself as of late. You’ve probably heard his track “Indian Summer” – and if the track doesn’t make you smile at least once, you probably don’t have a heart. Also worth checking out: his remix of Dirty South’s “With You” (a great song for a sunset drive with the windows down) and his somewhat silly-in-a-good-way original track “Trophy Wife.

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