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4 Songs to Show You the Power of Bass

Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of bass? You know, those filthy sounds that fuel festivals, parties, and clubs alike. Bass music has risen to the top of the EDM scene with entire festivals like Bassrush Massive and Lost Lands that are designed to specifically cater to basshead needs. There are so many different types of bass music to fall into, each putting a different spin on one of music’s loudest elements. Here are 4 songs that will show you just how influential bass really is. These tracks are not in a ranking from best to worst but instead highlights that bass comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a heavy hardcore headbanger or a tranquil house-head, there’s a type of bass music for you.

1. Virtual Riot – Komputermusik

Riddim has been increasing in popularity the past year and Virtual Riot is the ultimate tour guide. Known for its choppy bass, riddim is the ultimate festival sound. Listeners never know what to expect when one of these songs come on. Riddim is newer to the EDM music scene and has come into play of combining elements of trap and dubstep into the ultimate banger. Virtual Riot is a founding father when it comes to the heavier side of bass. At only 23, the artist has already put out several albums and EPs. His music is nontraditional by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean he’s not carving a pathway for a better tomorrow.

2. Ganja White Night – Blood Shower

If you’re wondering what that dank sound is, it’s probably Ganja White Night. The duo has been making music since 2009 and has dipped into many genres in that time such as drum and bass, dubstep, and even a little hip-hop. “Blood Shower” is a perfect example of just how incredible their dubstep is. Off their new album The Origins that dropped at the beginning of February, “Blood Shower” has some hard breaks and even harder bass. This song stays true to their ‘smooth but grimy sound’ that is found across the board in every GWN track.

3. Bro Safari – Reality

Bro Safari switches gears for a more melodic approach to heavier bass. Their track “reality” has a smooth build up, featuring hypnotic vocals from singer Sarah Hudson that transitions into a trembling bass drop. It’s fantastic to see Bro Safari’s use of bass, kicks, and vocals to create such a catchy love song. “Reality” is off of their newest album Collisions and the whole album is dubstep at its finest. Bro Safari is splashing up some fun at Wet Electric on April 28th! Purchase tickets here!

4MUST DIE! – Neo Tokyo

I remember the first time I heard MUST DIE! I was looking up the Beyond Wonderland 2017 lineup and saw that he was doing a b2b with Eptic and decided to check out what MUST DIE! was capable of. When I heard Neo Tokyo, my mind was blown. This is by far the most ‘out there’ song I’ve heard in a while and instantly sent it to my squad to get them hyped for the festival. The song starts out so pure, with high pitched vocals that remind me of an anime theme song, then boom! the bass comes in and everything I thought I knew about dubstep was wrong. This song goes hard and leaves listeners with a bass face that won’t come off easily. The Seattle based producer returns to Arizona on May 3rd with Laxx at the Monarch Theatre. Purchase tickets here!

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