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Three Neck-Breaking Zomboy Tracks

Joshua Mellody, better known as Zomboy, hasn’t slowed down since his debut in 2011 with his track “Organ Donor” released on the Never Say Die Label. Following that release, he also released his first EP, which was at the top of the Beatport dubstep charts for eight weeks. Since then, he’s been dropping heavy dubstep tracks and playing at countless big festivals. If you’re in the mood to break your neck, here are some of his best tracks.

3. “Like a Bitch”

This is the track known and loved by bass heads everywhere. It’s included in virtually every dubstep set nowadays because of its ability to get any crown hyped. The hard-hitting bass and aggressive lyrics like “Stop acting like a b*tch” make this track so filthy you’ll have your stank face on within seconds of hearing it.

2. “Back Once Again”

Released way back in 2015, this is some of Zomboy’s less intense, more refined dubstep. Heart-pounding wubs are switched out for synths that sound like a spaceship attack, which Zomboy somehow turns into head-banger music with just the right tempo and bass true to dubstep.

1. “Don’t Let Me Down” – Zomboy Remix

While the original track by The Chainsmokers might catch you in your feels, Zomboy’s remix will catch you in a neck brace. It starts off innocent enough, but the vocals of singer Daya warp into a deep, twisted voice and then the beat drops into some bass that you feel in your chest. Zomboy will not let you down with this dubstep track.

Zomboy is back in Arizona once again for Phoenix Lights this April. Don’t let him down – get your tickets here.

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